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What is the Polder Roof?

The Polder Roof transforms your roof so that it is able to collect and store water. This storage is controlled and can be drained at any chosen moment. The Polder Roof functions as a foundation for a green roof, roof garden or roof park. The water that is stored can be used for irrigation, infiltration or greywater systems.

Would you like to..

Build water-neutral?

The Polder Roof complies with all the requirements set out by the Dutch government. A water permit won’t be a problem.

Be future-proof?

Would you like to make your lot water adaptive? The Water label is still in the making but with the Polder Roof you will be guaranteed an A-label.

Reuse water?

With the Polder Roof you can optimize the use of rainwater for irrigation of the (roof) garden, greywater or deep infiltration.

Why a Polder Roof?

A rainproof or Sponge City? If we want to establish a climate-adaptive city, we cannot go around leaving flat roofs unexploited. However, water storage on the roof without having any control over it is senseless and typically undesirable. Having a Polder Roof is the solution: offering dynamic water storage, adjustable flow and a perfect foundation for other applications on your roof.


Our philosophy

Rainwater is a resource. Not waste.

Rainwater is often seen as waste. Rainwater is free of charge and the source of all living things. By draining it through pipes, we label it as waste. This isn’t right. Rainwater is useful, especially in cities. It cools, feeds plants, supplements groundwater and can replace drinking water in many occasions. Most direct example: the irrigation of the roof garden above the Polder Roof system. It requires zero drinking water and facilitates greater bio diversity!  Win-win.


When to give us a call

When you need (or want) to store water on your lot. The roof is the best place for it. The Polder Roof stores water but is more often the reason for making your roof multi-functional.

What do we deliver?



How does the Polder Roof work?

The foundation of the system consists of a buffer foundation and the Smart Flow Control. It is equipped with an embankment, supplemented with a fully water-separating layer. The Smart Flow Control measures and controls the water level and drainage. Information about the roof and its control system is accessible via the personal dashboard.

The team behind this innovation ensures the uptime of the roofs and adjusts wherever necessary. This makes the Polder Roof a new layer in urban water management.

Polderdak Regenwater Management op Daken

The perfect foundation for every roof garden

Polderdak Regenwater Management op Daken

Automatic retention control

Polderdak Regenwater Management op Daken

Online dashboard with performance statistics of your roof

Polderdak Regenwater Management op Daken

A regional solution for water excess

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 Matthijs Monkelbaan

Friso Klapwijk

Rob Steltenpohl

Olivier Hoes (TuDelft)


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